Can you make an income blogging

If you have watched any TV over the last few years you probably have seen more and more people describing themselves as bloggers when asked their occupations.  As well as the trend that most of the experts that are asked to comment on topics on TV these days seem to be bloggers.

The question you need to ask yourself is “can I be a blogger?”

well can you answer the following questions in the positive.

Do you have knowledge that could help people?

Of course you have.  Your a teacher right.

Do you want to use that knowledge?

Of course you do.  Thats why we got in to teaching in the first place and the reason that many teachers say they want to leave teaching.

Do you know a keyboard when you see one?

That shouldn’t be a problem and if it is you could learn or better still outsource the computer stuff.

Who Should Start a Blog?

Anybody with something to say or something to share should start a blog.  If you do it with passion and

If you have a particular interest, then growing a blog will help you to expand your own knowledge in your specialist area. Passing on your knowledge to others is the best way to improve your understanding.

How Much Does a Blog Cost?

free – Your credibility will be non-existent, and credibility is everything. Free blogs are also very difficult to monitize as usually the company running the blog platform is either making money of your content of your data.

£100 a year – This will include your web address and very basic web hosting.  However I’ve done this and although it’s a step up from free you are left with all the technical headaches which are ever increasing with the various updates a site requires.  My own self hosted blog was down for two weeks and all because of a single line of code.

$30 – £150 a month – If you want to be making money from your blog then you need to be spending money. At this price after initial setup everything runs smooth and you just need to concentrate on the content.  This also includes all the support backup you need as well as essential toos like plugins and autoresponders.  £150 a month would quite easily generate an income of £5000+ a month

What Are the Best Reasons to Start a Blog?

Freedom and control of your life.  All of us have a passion.  Some have a passion for music some cars and othewrs travel.  Blogging allows us to create an income around our life not a lig=fe around our income.

What Do Bloggers Do?

How Much Time Does a Blog Take?

Is Blogging for You?